Allomari Abyssi

Allomari Abyssi is an alien species from the abyss of the planet Ocero, a planet mostly cover by ocean. The race are often described as the angel of the deep, and for good reasons. Their semi-transparent bioluminescent skin, elegant tentacles and striking colors often attract explorers to travel across the galaxy to get a glimpse of them.

Some illegal galaxy traders attempted to capture them for illegal trading and exotic species collection, but due to their efficient camouflage technique and speed in swimming, many such attempts have failed.

Generally peaceful being, their main diet consist of other ocean animals, including jellyfishes. They will grab potential food source with their tentacle and chew the food using a pair of beak tuck under their tentacle mouth.

When threaten, their amazing skin pigments will change color at a pace that appear like their skin is flashing, confusing predator and allow them to escape. They also use this skin color shifting mechanism to communicate and signal opposite sex when they are ready to mate.

This is one of my concept art, a personal project in 2015.

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