Megastoma (Big Mouth) is a jungle dwelling herbivore. It likes to eat a certain type of seasonal melon as their primary diet.
Standing at average of 3 feet tall, it has developed a big head and jaw that allows it to take in the fruit whole and crush it with specialty teeth, before swallowing it. An extra pair of arm allow it to pick up the fruit from the ground easily as well.
It has an insect like abdomen, allowing it to store foods and go without food for a long period of time.
Often traveling in a small group of 5-6, they can defend themselves as a group by forming a circle and use their sting at the back of their abdomen to warn off attacking predator.

A personal project of mine.

Female of this species are without the sting, it is replaced by a hormone release opening to attract male during mating season.

This is one of my concept art, a personal project in 2015.

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